Reconciliation crops in Guaviare

Hope is sown at Caño Lajas township located in San José del Guaviare. Juan Antonio Castro is a farmer and ex-combatant in the process of reincorporation; he and 21 colleagues work together in the sugarcane collective productive project, from which they benefit with their families. 57 collective projects have been approved in the reincorporation process, of which 48 have already been disbursed to the ex-combatant population. 

A paisa who studies from home to fulfill his dreams 

At age 36, Mauricio Sepulveda completed his reintegration process. Being a dad is one of his dreams come true; he wishes to find a formal job and thus give his son a better future. He is a labor technician in home electrical installations, and in these times of pandemic he is completing a virtual training for the job offered by ARN and SENA.


Government guaranteed transportation, food and security in transfer from Ituango to Mutatá

The National Government signed a 1-year, lease contract for the 2 properties of 5 and 132 hectares, where the ex-combatants and their families will live. A request to purchase this land was also filed before the National Land Agency (ANT).

12.5 million Euros from the European Union for peace and reincorporation in Colombia

The signing of the agreement between Colombia and the European Union is a token of trust on the part of the international community. The resources will be used to consolidate the former Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation (AETCR), to facilitate access to land and housing for ex-combatants and to promote reconciliation in the territories.

The Trifecta of Peace with Legality!

Health brigade for ex-combatants and animals, and Covid tests are some of the measures taken by the National Government has advanced for the transfer from former ETCR Santa Lucía in Ituango. Read more in our “Trifecta of Peace with Legality”.


Agency for Reincorporation
and Normalization (ARN)

Director General: Andrés Felipe Stapper Segrera
ARN (Headquarters): Carrera 9 No. 11-66 
PBX: (+571) 443-0020 and 018000-911-516.
Bogotá DC Colombia