45% of the reincorporated population has access to education

Fabián Ramírez and Omaira Rojas are two of the 2,453 the Farc-Ep ex-combatants who have graduated from high school with the support of ARN. To date, 45% of the population (5,768) has accessed basic primary, secondary, middle and higher education.

Doña Margarita – the teacher who leads community actions in Risaralda

40 people participate in ARN’s Community Strengthening Model (MFC) in Santa Cecilia, Pueblo Rico – Risaralda. This project aims to build trust in the territories. One of them is Margarita Renteria, 67 who brings her neighbors together to open spaces for dialogue, coexistence and reconciliation. “Neighbors are sacred – they are my family because we always help one another. This initiative has allowed us to get closer and get know the ex-combatants; they deserve a chance after they have laid down their arms”.


Ex-combatants train as labor technicians for the production and transformation of coffee 

30 Farc-Ep ex-combatants living in the department of Cauca will train as labor technicians in coffee production and transformation thanks to the Productive Environment Model designed by the ARN. 18 productive projects have been implemented in the reincorporation process to benefit 927 Farc-Ep ex-combatants and members of the community throughout the national territory.

With Risaralda there are 8 departmental- level  boards regarding reincorporation in Colombia 

ARN works to strengthen the reincorporation process from the territories. Upon the inauguration of the Risaralda Department-level Reincorporation Board, state-level efforts will be coordinated to allow cultural transformation in favor of reconciliation, coexistence and non - stigmatization of FARC-EP ex-combatants.


The Trifecta of Peace with Legality! 

More than 90 state-level benefits have been made available by the Government of Nariño and the municipalities of Pasto, Tumaco, Cumbal, Ipiales and El Charco, to benefit 630 ex-combatants and their families. More progress of reconciliation in “The 3 of peace with legality”


Agency for Reincorporation
and Normalization (ARN)

Director General: Andrés Felipe Stapper Segrera
ARN (headquarters): Carrera 9 No. 11-66
PBX: (+57-1) 443-0020 / 018000911516.
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