Entrepreneurs, international cooperation  and ex-combatants go all in on new opportunities   

The National Government – hand in hand with stakeholders from the private sector, academia, international cooperation and the will of over 13,000 ex-combatants, have made the dream of starting a new life in legality come true through the creation of sustainable projects for those who continue to bet on reconciliation.

Terpel to train 578 ex-combatants and victims in productive skills

Ex-combatants will receive training to structure their business ideas.
“We are cognizant as to the fact that [our program] ‘Aliado País’ has a responsibility to the communities; we are committed to building a peaceful Colombia. This is the reason that drives us to go all in on second chances through our ‘Restoring Dreams’ program. We are happy to contribute to the consolidation of these 50 productive projects, and we hope to work with many more in the future” – stated Sylvia Escovar , president of Terpel company.


Government to build housing solutions and access road for ex-combatants in Mutatá

The National Government, the Government of Antioquia and the Mayor’s Office of Mutatá will develop the first phase of the project to improve living conditions of the ex-combatants of the former ETCR of Mutatá, with total national funding and implemented by the United Nations Development Program – UNDP.


1,576 projects were presented in 2019 thanks to the disbursement of the economic insertion benefit for individuals in the reintegration process. Of these, 1,554 projects were destined for business plans, 17 to support the purchase of used or new housing and 5 for access to higher education. Coming soon! #ARNRindeCuentas. 

The Trifecta of Peace with Legality!

One to remember: This is the story of Maria Nilsa Gruesso, an indigenous woman who traced back to her ancestral roots through handcrafts. Meet Mités - Maria Nilsa's new entrepreneurship initiative resulting from her reincorporation process to pay homage to the "Eperara Siapidara" ethnic group in the department of #Cauca.


Agency for Reincorporation
and Normalization (ARN)

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