ARN continues to add partners to bet on peace

About 75,000 ex-combatants undertook their transition to legality, and in their return to civilian life they have had the support of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) and its external partners from the public, private, academic and third sectors, as well as international cooperation. 

Vía 40 purchases more tan 1,000 items made by excombatants

The private sector and ARN continue to support productive projects of ex-combatants through the circular economy approach with the purchase of 115 backacks and 1,000 face masks, made out of 150 disused uniforms. François-Régis Le Miere, Director General of Vía 40 Express Concession affirmed, “hen we discovered that this ARN project was to be implemented in Icononzo, it seemed very important to us to contribute and find a way to work together, in order to support the reincorporation process that contributes to peacebuilding.”


74.855 ex-combatants returned to legality between 2001 and 2019

Representatives of the National Government and ex-combatants presented a balance of the reintegration and reincorporation policies during the 2019 ARN accountability hearing, showing results in terms of productivity, education, housing and social welfare.


President Iván Duque ratified his commitment to reincorporation 

9 ex-Farc leaders met the Head of State in a historical event at Casa de Nariño. President Duque ratified his commitment to peacebuilding and supporting those who laid down their arms and remain within the law. “I am all in on the reincorporation process” - reiterated the President. 


¡The Trifecta of Peace with Legality!

Eliécer Javier Ortega's achievements are an unforgettable. This ex-combatant took office as a representative of the population in the process of reintegration and reincorporation for the Territorial Planning Council in Mocoa. Ortega will also be in charge of monitoring of the implementation of the actions included in the Development Plan.


Agency for Reincorporation
and Normalization (ARN)

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