'Mambrú' has transformed the lives of more than 8,000 girls, boys and young people in Colombia

There are already 8,141 girls, boys and young people, throughout Colombia, who have participated in the 'Mambrú' strategy. Through citizen training processes and the strengthening of local initiatives, 'Mambrú' acts on risk factors such as the presence of armed actors, common crime gangs, narcotics consumption and domestic violence situations, generating alternatives for the use of leisure time for girls and boys.

Reincorporation and economic revival: ex - combatants and entrepreneurs build the future.

One of the key components of Peace with Legality policy has been to create opportunities for ex - combatants to develop new life projects around entrepreneurship.


Yam Production, grown by ex - combatants in El Carmen de Bolívar, arrives in Europe for the first time

Ex - combatants in the reincorporation process from El Carmen de Bolívar participated in the first shipment of a Colombian yam freight to Spain. After a training process that began in 2019, in a coordinated manner between the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN – Agencia para la Reincorporación y Normalización - for its acronym in Spanish) and the exporting company, Cattleyas Fruits.

This how people in the reincorporation process will access land

President Ivan Duque issued Decree 1543 of 2020, which establishes new mechanisms for people in the reincorporation process to have access to land in the country. This important announcement reiterates once again this Government's commitment to ex - combatants who are committed to peace with legality.


The Trifecta of Peace
with Legality!

A space to talk in 90 seconds about all the reincorporation progresses and a ex – combatants’ story not to forget. 


Agency for Reincorporation
and Normalization 

Director General: Andrés Felipe Stapper Segrera
ARN (headquarters): Carrera 9 No. 11 - 66
PBX 4430020 and 018000911516.
Bogotá D.C. Colombia