Samuel Ospina, is the second ex-combatant in the country to receive a home thanks to the reincorporation guarantees through the implementation of the Peace with Legality policy of President Iván Duque

“If there is a will there is way. This new life means a lot after 12 years in the armed group and 11 in jail. I was reborn again with the support of my family and the ARN that has given me opportunities to get ahead”, stated Samuel Ospina, person in the reincorporation process.
  The Nueva Esperanza de Tumaco arrived in Bogotá with 1,947 dozen coconut and 1,303 kilos of cocoa
  The National Government advances so that in 2022 the roadmaps for the reincorporation of ex-combatants are defined
After receiving the disbursement of the collective productive project by the National Government, 33 people in the process of reincorporation of the Cooperativa Multiactiva Nueva Esperanza del Pacífico COOMUNTU Cooperative, located in Tumaco, Nariño, are making significant progress in the process of trading products from the region.

In the 123rd session of the National Reincorporation Council (CNR), the representatives of the National Government and ex-combatant of Farc-Ep presented the mechanisms, tools and agreements that will allow to put forward and speed up the reincorporation process and its consolidation in legality.



Director General: Andrés Felipe Stapper Segrera
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