September 16th to 20th, 2019 | Bogotá D.C

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¿What is't?

It is a learning space that facilitates dialogue around different topics related to peace and reconciliation. It also allows international guests to learn, on the ground, how the reintegration and reintegration processes have been implemented in Colombia. Thanks to these experiences, technical exchange of experiences and knowledge is promoted to socialize and position the Reintegration and Reincorporation Public Policy, in addition to disseminating the co-responsibility strategy that allows the commitment of new partners, to contribute from their knowledge to the ex-combatant population in Colombia.


The Colombian state has promoted the creation of spaces with representatives of national and international organizations, in order to exchange knowledge relating to reintegration, reincorporation and peace consolidation. In this respect, one of the main commitments of the Reincorporation and Normalization Agency (ARN for its acronym in Spanish) has been to fully organize South-South Technical Cooperation Tours. In the context, significant achievements have been accomplished around the exchange of learned lessons, best practices and strategies among countries that face challenges on peacebuilding. Therefore, the seventh version of the South-South Cooperation Tour will be held in September 2019, in order to go over on the conversations and priorities addressed in the previous versions of the Tour and also discuss the new challenges in terms of reincorporation in Colombia and initiatives in other countries affected by the conflict.

Tour topics

• Reincorporation.
• Income Generation.
• Differentiated attention approaches.
• Shared responsibility.
• Community approach and reconciliation.


Soon we will publish the event schedule


The Tour will be attended by representatives of foreign governments, civil society organizations leaders, representatives of the national and international academy, private sector leaders, national entities leaders, public policymakers, and authorities at regional and local levels. This, considering their knowledge and experience that will enrich and contribute to the debate on reintegration, reincorporation and stabilization processes.


Soon you will find here the news about the VII South-South Technical Cooperation Tour