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​The mountains and rivers of the Department of Caquetá become territories of peace. Farc-Ep ex-combatants consolidate their new life projects within legality around ecotourism. Photo: ARN Communications.



​Partnerships between the National Government and international cooperation continue to strengthen the reincorporation process in Colombia. Photo: ARN Communications.



​Mundo Maderas, located in the municipality of Yumbo, Valle, emerged thanks to the support of Fundación Carvajal Foundation and the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization – ARN in 2008. Photo: ARN Communications.



​Special places will be available in each of the campuses at Nariño University: Pasto, Ipiales and Tuquerres. Photo: ARN Communications.



Members of Coomucar co-op in the municipality of Carmen de Bolívar received technological inputs. Photo: Fundación Evolución Caribe Foundation.



​Abelardo Caicedo, leader of former ETCR Tierra Grata, in Cesar, has become an example of perseverance given to his academic excellence as a college student. Photo: UN Verification Mission 



​The property that used to house the former Territorial Training and Reincorporation Space (ETCR) at La Fila Township in Icononzo, Tolima, was bought by the National Government as part of the consolidation strategy of the old territorial spaces, for the benefit of 221 ex-combatants in this area of the country. Photo: ARN Communications.



​The Ministry of Housing - Minvivienda invites contractors in Bogota and Cundinamarca to offer their portfolio of Social Interest Housing – (VIS) for people reincorporated into civilian life.



​Girls, boys and youngsters from the 27 municipalities where the strategy called "Mambrú, this is a different story" is implemented, during the Experience Exchange National Meeting  in Bogotá, in December 2019. Photo: ARN Communications. 



Café La Esperanza, the productive project for ex-combatants in the department of Cauca, will receive financial support from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, AECID. Photo: ARN Communications 



An agreement begins between the European Union (EU) and the national government. Patricia Llombart , Ambassador of the EU, the Presidential Advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila, and the Director of the ARN, Andrés Stapper.



In addition, the ARN deployed a biosafety  protocol for the safe transfer of ex-combatants and their families. ARN Communications Photo.



A coffee processing plant will be built at former ETCR El Oso, located at Planadas (Tolima), to benefits ex-combatants and coffee farmers from the region. Photo: ARN Communications.



The teaching processes under the "Plowing for Education 2019-2020" program in former ETCR  Miravalle - department of Caquetá, were completed with enormous progress in their educational cycles and two high school graduation ceremonies. Photo: ARN Communications



​ARN communications. Individuals currently in the process of reintegration and reincorporation in the city of Cali receive basic food kits at ARN offices.



7,316 people residing in the former Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation (former ETCRs) and rural areas with difficult access will have the accompaniment of health professionals through the "Tele-guidance in Health" program. Photo: ARN Communications.



​Picture of a self-portrait authored by Leidy, Farc-Ep ex-combatant. Photo: Provided



 May the 13th, the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) and the British Council are beginning a strategy to underscore the leadership and empowerment of women ex-combatants and communities, as well as their contributions to the construction of peace and reconciliation in the territories of Colombia. 



​- Temporary economic compensation for ex-combatants registered under the Subsidized Regime with a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 is another measure that adds to those already announced by the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN)



​Under the Covenant, a forum was held in order to expand information about labor inclusion processes, both with the veterans and vulnerable population. Photo: Courtesy of Prosperidad Social Agency.  



​The Former Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) La Fila - Icononzo - Tolima, receives over 50 national and international guests during the VII South-South Cooperation Tour. 



​The ARN South-South Cooperation Strategy has been established as an ideal mechanism to socialize the Colombian experience in these processes. Photo: RNA Communications



​Educational attention is provided thanks to the Agreement signed between the Ministry of Education and the Norwegian Refugee Council, through which actions will be carried out to respond to the commitments provided in the Agreement for the Termination of the Conflict.



'The Third Agreement' is an achievement of the Technical Working Group on Coffee (MTC) coordinated by the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) since 2018 in Planadas. This working group benefits 71 former Farc-Ep members, members of the Nasa Wes'x indigenous council of Gaitania and coffee-farming families in the region.



For its 16 years' experience in the development of reintegration and reincorporation of ex-combatants, through the work led by the Agency for the Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), the Colombian State was accepted by international institutions as a permanent member of the Integrated Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Training Group (IDDRTG).



​The Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), in partnership with the British Council, implements a strategy to promote community actions with a gender and women's rights approach for ex-combatants in 9 departments of the country.


The first productive training environment of 2019 for people in the process of reincorporation began in Cauca with the participation of 40 ex-combatants of the Farc-Ep and people of the community.