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Agencia para la Reincorporación y la Normalización

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What is Reintegration?


What is Reintegration?

Reintegration is a six and a half year offer made by the Colombian State through the Colombian Agency for Reintegration - ACR to the demobilized people of illegal armed groups who are willing to reintegrate into the social and economic life.

Reintegration seeks the development of citizen skills and competencies to be used by the demobilized people in their contexts. At the same time, the fostering of spaces for coexistence and reconciliation actions and the encouragement of shared responsibility of external actors are proposed. 

The mission of ACR is to drive the return of the demobilized population to legality in a sustainable manner. This is why demobilized people not only are provided with education, training for work and psychosocial support but are also supported in the development of their productive projects. 

Demobilized people that have been certified as such by the Operational Committee for the Abandonment of Weapons - CODA, may voluntarily access the Reintegration Process.

The Colombian State grants legal benefits for political crimes and related offenses to the demobilized people from organized illegal armed groups as long as they do not commit any crime after their demobilization.

When a person joins the Reintegration Process, he/she receives economic support for his/her reintegration if he/she attends at least 90 per cent of the activities scheduled by ACR.

Each person undergoing a Reintegration Process commits to develop at least 80 hours of Social Service actions that are fundamental to generate spaces for reconciliation.

How does Reintegration work in Colombia?

The process can be accessed by persons accredited as demobilized by the Operational Committee for the Abandonment of Weapons (CODA) or the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, who demobilized after January 24, 2003. 

Who can access the Reintegration Process?

People who were part of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), National Liberation Army (ELN), People's Liberation Army (EPL) and the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC) guerrilla groups participate in the process.