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Agencia para la Reincorporación y la Normalización

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The Reintegration Process summarizes the institutional purposes of ACR, whose scopes are delimited by the Social and Economic Reintegration Policy (PRSE, for its Spanish acronym) and are structured upon the legal mandate of the institution and its strategic framework. 

ACR was created by Decree 4138, 2011, which assigned the purpose of "(...) managing, implementing, coordinating and assessing, in an coordinated manner with the relevant bodies, the plans, programs and projects of the Reintegration Policy, with the purpose of seeking peace, security and coexistence." Thus, certain functions and a structure are established for the execution of the Reintegration Policy. 

ACR's strategic framework is the product of a thoughtful work before the challenges, opportunities and learning related with the implementation of the PRSE since the inception of the High Counselor's Office for Reintegration in 2006. This work provided the orientation guidelines until year 2020.