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Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN - Agencia para la Reincorpración y la Normalización - for its acronym in Spanish)

ARN is an entity attached to the Presidency of the Republic which, in accordance with Decree Act 897 of May 29, 2017, aims to "manage, implement, coordinate and evaluate, in conjunction with the competent bodies, policy, plans, programs and projects for Reincorporation and Normalization of the FARC - EP members, in accordance with the Final Agreement, signed between the Government and FARC - EP on November 24, 2016, through the Technical Unit for the Reincorporation of the FARC - EP; and the reincorporation policy of insurgent armed individuals and groups with the aim of ensuring peace, security and coexistence".  

In addition, ARN designs, implements, and evaluates the State Policy aimed at the Social and Economic Reintegration of armed individuals or groups who voluntarily demobilize, individually or collectively.

ARN works in coordination with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Justice and with the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace.



In the year 2026, ARN will have contributed to the coexistence, reconciliation and sustainable development, remaining as an international leader in the Reintegration and Reincorporation processes.



Lead and coordinate the design and implementation of the reintegration and reincorporation public policy, as well as its territory management, contributing to the peaceful coexistence, the culture of legality, reconciliation and sustainable development.


Strategic Objectives

  • Strengthen the capacities, both individual and collective, of the target population and its surroundings.
  • Promote productive capacities aimed at the economic sustainability of the target population under attention.
  • Contribute to the coexistence and reconciliation in the territories.
  • Promote the co - responsibility and its management at the territorial level for the strengthening of ARN processes.
  • Optimize the institutional processes for the accomplishment of the mission.

Integrity Code

Content change: The Integrity Code is the main technical instrument of the integrity policy of the Integrated Model of Planning and Management. (MIPG II – Modelo Integrado de Planeación y Gestión - for its acronym in Spanish). MIPG II was announced through the issuance of Decree No. 1499 to 2017, from that moment all its components entered into legal force for the agencies and entities of the national and territorial orders of the Executive Branch of the Public Power, as well as for all entities in which the model had applicability. The Integrity Code was built taking into account all the people who work at the service of the country at the national level from the entities of the Executive Branch of the State, including teachers, police officers, soldiers, diplomats, temporary plant servers, State contractors, interns, etc. Therefore, it emphasizes the need to involve all the people who work in the entities in the socialization and appropriation processes of this Code, regardless of their type of contract.