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Agencia para la Reincorporación y la Normalización

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Reincorporation and Normalization Agency (ARN)

The ACR is ascribed to the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia, in charge of coordinating, advising and executing - in partnership with other public and private entities - the Reintegration Route of demobilized people of organized illegal armed groups.

In addition, the ACR designs, implements and assesses the State policy addressed to social and economic Reintegration of people or illegal armed groups who voluntarily demobilize in an individual or collective manner.

The ACR works in coordination with the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Justice and the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace.




To promote the return of demobilized population to legality in a sustainable manner, contributing to Peace, Security and Citizen Coexistence.​



By year 2020, to be recognized for having effectively contributed to Peace, Security and Citizen Coexistence in Colombia, based on the principles of Good Governance, becoming an international referent.


Strategic Objectives

1. To develop skills and capabilities in the population undergoing a Reintegration Process and their future environment.
2. To promote coexistence and reconciliation actions in different receptor contexts, according to their characteristics.
3. To encourage the shared responsibility of external actors for the Reintegration Policy at national, departmental and municipal levels.

Ethical Declaration of ACR principles and values

We present our institutional principles and values, which orientate and determine the conduct of our entity's collaborators (employees and contractors) in every place and moment in which they have this status.  In the ACR we will always have the willingness to serve and a positive attitude in the fulfillment of our responsibilities, reason for which we are committed with an effective and efficient management, through teamwork, acting within the framework of Good Governance and ethical principles of public officers contained in Law 909, 2004, and taking into account the constitutional principles of equality, morality, effectiveness, economy, impartiality, transparency, celerity, and publicity.

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