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General Secretary

secretaria2.jpgAndrés Felipe Stapper Segrera

General Secretary

Lawyer from the Santo Tomás University, Specialist in Commercial Law and Company Law from the Rosario University, with studies in National Security and Defense from the Superior School of War, and International Law of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law from Externado de Colombia University. 

In August, 2007, as a professional contractor of the Bucaramanga Service Center (currently the Santander Territorial Group), he joined the Presidency's High Counselor's Office for the Social and Economic Reintegration of People and Armed Groups (DAPRE - ACR) to accompany the implementation of the Demobilized People Reintegration Policy in the department of Santander, as well as to provide legal guidance to the population regarding the legal, social and economic benefits offered by the National Government to this population, working closely with other entities at national and territorial levels for the compliance of this mission.

In 2009, he relocates to the city of Bogotá to provide his services to the Legal Counseling Office of the then High Counselor's Office of the Presidency, conceptualizing different topics related to the legal instability of the demobilized population undergoing a Reintegration Process, legal topics related with the implementation of the process, as well as administrative issues for the operation of the policy. Back then, on behalf of ACR and jointly with the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, the Humanitarian Attention Program for the Demobilized individual (currently the Humanitarian Attention for the Demobilized People Group) and the High Commissioner for Peace Office (OACP), he led the demobilization strategy in prisons provided in Decree 1059, 2008. 

In 2012, with the creation of the Colombian Agency for Reintegration of Armed People and Groups (ACR), he was appointed Legal Management, Access and Permanence Deputy Director of the Reintegration Process, assuming the challenge of the implementation and regulation and ruling of Law 1424, 2010 (design of the strategy for signing Truth Agreements, dissemination of the Law and its requirements, coordination with INPEC, National Center of Historic Memory, Ministry of Justice, among others), identifying some of the difficulties and generating actions to mitigate their impact on the Reintegration Process. 

In year 2013, he assumes the position of Chief at the Legal Counseling Office, contributing with his knowledge, upon his expertise, to lead and accomplish the objectives of the legal defense of the entity, the legal conceptualization of its needs, identification and proposals of regulations, harmonization of mission and support processes, and accompaniment of the administrative, financial, budget, procurement and human talent departments for the achievement of ACR's mission purpose. 

This year he organized and coordinated the International Congress of Social Responsibility: Transitional Justice and Reconciliation Scenarios with the support of different advisors and professionals of ACR, El Nogal Foundation and Externado de Colombia University. This was a space of academic nature where different national and international experts were engaged with the purpose of discussing and presenting alternatives for the challenges of the Reintegration Policy implementation within the frame of the application of the integral system of Transitional Justice in force in Colombia. 

In January, 2016, he is appointed General Secretary at ACR, leading an integral team of interdisciplinary professionals with the purpose of reinforcing the processes under his responsibility and maintaining the culture of transparency and good service for which entity has been outstanding to date.