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Economic benefits

Beneficiaries: former members of the FARC-EP accredited by the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace, who have completed their transit to legality. 

Single Normalization Assignment:   Consists in an economic benefit that is granted to each one of the members of the FARC-EP once the Transitory Normalization Zones have been terminated. (08/16/17 according to Decree 1274 of 2017) This benefit has as a main purpose the stabilization and the reincorporation into the civil life, for the satisfaction of the basic needs of the person undergoing a Reincorporation Process. (Article 7 of Decree Law 899 of 2017)

Basic Income:   Consists in an economic benefit that will be granted to each member of the FARC-EP, once the process of accreditation and transition to legality has been completed and upon the termination of the Transitory Normalization Zones and during twenty-four (24) months, provided they do not have a contractual, labor, legal and regulatory relationship, or a contract of any nature that generates income. This economic benefit will be equal to 90% of the Legal Monthly Minimum Wage Effective at the time of its recognition.

Once the aforementioned 24 months have been completed, a monthly allowance equivalent to 90% of the Legal Monthly Minimum Wage will be granted, as long as the beneficiary proves that he/she has continued with his/her educational route in accordance with the purposes of reincorporation and that he/she does not obtain resources from a contractual, labor, legal and regulatory bond, or a contract of any nature that generates income. The terms and conditions for the recognition of this benefit will be established by the National Government in accordance with the recommendations made by CNR. (Article 8 of Decree-Law 899 of 2017)

Individual productive projects:  Business units where production, processing, storage, distribution and commercialization of inputs, products or services are carried out. Generally this business unit is not legally constituted and is led by a person. Each member of the FARC undergoing a Reincorporation Process will be entitled for once to an economic benefit to undertake a productive project or for individual housing.

Collective Productive Projects:  Business units led by formal organizations, whose members have been organized with the purpose of increasing their income, accessing formal markets and cooperation resources through the production, processing, storage, distribution and commercialization of materials, products or services which are common for the members of the organization.

Special cases: Members of Organized Illegal Armed  Groups -GAOML previously certified or accredited by OACP or CODA that have received benefits in the framework of the previous reintegration processes. Unless the National Council for Reintegration (CNR) reviews your case and you can be disbursed the missing portion in compliance with the Final Agreement.