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Educational Dimension

EducationalEducation is configured as a central element so that the people going through a Reintegration Process are able to improve their assets in terms of knowledge and education that facilitate their personal and social development, as well as the access to productive opportunities. 

This is how work is done in the Educational Dimension so that the people going through a Reintegration Process and their families recognize the value of education and access it as a long-term bet that will allow them to achieve skills to develop their life project in a free manner and improve the quality of life of them and their families. 

This dimension contributes in the search of overcoming the situation of vulnerability of the people going through a Reintegration Process.



The purpose of this dimension is to foster the skills of the people undergoing a Reintegration Process and the members of their family groups to reach educational levels according to a context that allow them to access and remain in productive environments and the development of their life project. 

1. The PRP and his/her family group value the importance of education for their life project. 

2. The PRP is enrolled and remains in the educational system according to its life project and according to his/her context. 

3. The PPR and at least one member (of legal age) in the family group value the importance of enrolling school-age children (from 5 to 17 years of age) to the educational offer, depending on their context.


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