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From the nearly 13,000 ex - combatants who move towards legality with the accompaniment of ARN, 25 % are women.

This condition implies that, together with them and allies, differentiated actions and policies are carried out that allow closing inequalities and implementing equitable and differentiated actions that meet the needs and interests of the women former members of the Farc - Ep.

AIn 2018, the Gender Technical Bureau (Mesa Técnica de Género - in Spanish) was formed as an instance of the National Reincorporation Council (CNR – Consejo Nacional de Reincorporación - for its acronym in Spanish) made up of delegates from the national government and the Farc party. It was created by the Final Agreement (Acuerdo Final - In Spanish) to define activities, timeline and follow - up to the process of reincorporation into the civilian life of the women former members of the Farc-Ep.

18 are the gender - focused commitments arising from the Bureau's deliberations, which were welcomed into the National Policy for the Social and Economic Reincorporation of Farc - Ep Former Members (Política Nacional para la Reincorporación Social y Económica de Exintegrantes de las Farc - Ep - in Spanish). They promote affirmative reintegration actions for their well - being, family environment and community.

Gender Infography

UN Women and Unicef

In five former ETCRs, ex - combatants and people of the community participated in the virtual training process in care economy, early childhood and self - care. Conducting circles of care on violence and organizational strengthening.

United Nations

Support in the construction and publication of the 'Tools for the inclusion of the gender approach in economic reincorporation' passbook (Herramientas para la Inclusión del enfoque de género en la reincorporación económica - in Spanish).


Construction of self - training modules for training in a gender and differential approach, aimed at collaborator (s) of State entities linked to reincorporation.


With the CNR Gender Bureau and the Counseling, construction the capacity building strategy (gender approach awareness and training and reincorporation of focal points in Ministries of Health, Education, Labor, SENA, UNP and ARN.

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