Benefits of demobilized persons in the Reintegration Process

Reintegration Roadmap is defined as the set of conditions, benefits, strategies, methodologies, and actions defined by the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), arranged with the person in the reintegration process, to promote skills development, vulnerability situation overcoming and the autonomous exercise of citizenship. Resolution 1356 of 2016.

The design of the roadmap of a participant in the Reintegration Process is aiming at, through an exercise of consultation between that person and the ARN, an outline of activities is obtained in line with the real options of the individual in relation to the project of life desired, without losing sight of the way the social, economic and legal aspects of the Reintegration Process are regulated.

The project of life is understood as something essential for the roadmap, which involves the assumption that the sustainability of the Reintegration Process, in terms of the roots in the legality, is only possible if the person understands that the activities are a tool to build capacities and assets that allow an autonomous exercise of citizenship.

With the roadmap it is expected that the people in the Reintegration Process understand that it is possible to realize their aspirations for life in the legality.


Reintegration Route