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Territorially Focused Development Programs (PDETs)

CONPES Reincorporation Policy (Public Policy Document) No. 3931/2018, and the Territorially Focused Development Programs (PDETs – from its original Spanish language initials - Programas de Desarrollo con Enfoque Territorial) are two elements derived from the Final Peace Agreement, through which guarantees are provided for non-repetition and contributes to the comprehensive development of the regions which has been most affected by violence and institutional weakness.

PDETs are planning and management instruments created in order to kick off the implementation of the points under the Comprehensive Rural Reform chapter in the prioritized municipalities, as established in the Final Agreement.

This subregional program is the main strategy to achieve comprehensive transformation of the rural areas which have most affected by the armed conflict, the absence/weakness of the State, poverty and illicit economies. These territories comprise 36% of the country, and a quarter of the rural population lives in them.

The PDETs undertake to achieve structural transformation of the countryside and the rural environment, as well as an equitable relationship between the countryside and the city.

Addressing the challenges of implementing the Agreement is paramount for the new local governments and relevant agencies; hence the critical importance of their coordination for the stabilization of the territories prioritized by the PDETs.

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