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At ARN, productivity is promoted through self-management of people’s productive capabilities in reincorporation and reintegration processes. Where applicable, ARN seeks to strengthen associations as a vital means for achieving economic sustainability.

Productivity is divided into 4 components – i.e. labor inclusion, productive projects, associations and housing. Together, these components consolidate the income generation strategy implemented by the Agency in the territory.

For a successful implementation of the strategy, Farc-Ep ex-combatants must first comply with the training and skills/competencies building stages in order to achieve their economic sustainability.

This is facilitated by way of knowledge and capacity transfer by the Agency's teams alongside the entities that provide accompaniment and technical assistance to productive projects thus:

  • Feasibility assessment of the project through diagnosis and evaluation      

  • Accompaniment in the design of productive projects according to the economic sectors      

  • Approval (for the reincorporation process) of collective projects by the CNR (National Reincorporation Council), and of individual projects on the part of ARN, for an ulterior one-off disbursement of economic resources in the amount of COP $ 8 million per person.      

  • Monitoring and Technical Assistance to the project during its implementation process.      

  • Strengthening associations for collective productive projects, in their legal and regulatory, financial and tax components, governance, management tools and social services for associates, with a crosscutting focus on the use and appropriation of information/communication technologies.

  • Technical Assistance for effective marketing of their products.      

productivity infography

The Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization has undertaken its role as an interagency coordinator. Thus, ARN, has successfully brought State services and benefits to the ex-combatant population.

In terms of productive projects ARN has coordinated actions with the following agencies in the stages below:

Diagnosis stage: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development - MADR, Rural Agricultural Planning Unit - UPRA, National Land Agency - ANT, Rural Development Agency - ADR, National Aquaculture and Fisheries Authority - AUNAP, Colombian Agricultural Institute - ICA, Agency for the Renewal of the Territory - ART. Agustín Codazzi Geographical Institute - IGAC, Society of Special Assets - SAE.      

Project Design Stage: United Nations Development Program - UNDP, International Organization for Migration - IOM, CNR-FARC, the United Nations - UN, iNNpulsa Colombia, Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development - MADS, Autonomous Regional Corporation - CAR, National Institute for Food and Drug Surveillance - INVIMA, National Apprenticeship Service - SENA, Chambers of Commerce.        

Stage of implementation of Technical Assistance and Strengthening Associations: United Nations Development Program - UNDP, International Organization for Migration - IOM, "Cooperativa Economías Sociales del Común" – ECOMUN Co-op, National Apprenticeship Service - SENA, private companies, territorial agencies.