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1. What is the procedure a Person undergoing a Reintegration Process must follow in case he/she is at risk?

In case of having security problems, the person must do the following:

1.            Report the event before any authority: Public Prosecutor, Police, Public Defender, Ombudsman's Office or Procurator's Office.

2.            Approach or call ACR's Regional Group Office or communicate with the Reintegration Professional or with the legal advisor.

3.            Authorize the risk assessment (the request forms will be filled out by ACR's staff). This requirement is essential and mandatory in order to know the level of risk where the person is at.

4.            Provide updated contact information to ACR. The National Protection Unit will contact the person for developing the risk assessment. If the contact information or domicile change, the individual must inform this immediately to ACR so a report is sent to the National Protection Unit. This information is also important so that the National Police carries out security prevention measures.

5.            The person must implement the following self-protection measures:

• Manage a low profile. Do not comment on the reason of your movements, the location and the daily activities to people that you do not trust. Avoid providing personal data to strangers.

• In case of observing people or suspicious vehicles close or around your residence, work place, or study location, you should immediately inform this to the National Police.

• Know and keep handy the telephone numbers of the police and other authorities.

•   Avoid a routine in schedules and movements. Avoid being followed.

•  Do not accept invitations for committing unlawful acts nor relate to people that act outside of the law.

•  Avoid increasing risks visiting dangerous places.

• Establish procedures and security routines in your home.

• Avoid confrontation with family members, neighbors, companions, friends, etc.  With your personal behavior, seek deserving their appreciation.

•  Avoid visiting public places often where risk increases.

• Do not get drunk nor participate in fights or scandals.

• Be reserved with your past.

• Avoid contact with combos or gangs.

To address any concerns, the person may contact the national free line number 018000 911516 or from a Claro or Movistar mobile dial # 516.

2.  What is the benefit offered by the ACR of transferring a person undergoing a Reintegration Process when he/she has security problems?

In cases where the risk assessment of the Person undergoing a Reintegration Process has as a result an Extraordinary, Extreme or Imminent risk, ACR may provide this individual the "Economic Support for Transfer due to Risk" benefit so that he/she can move to another municipality of the country and can continue with his/her Reintegration Route. The benefit consists in granting up to 2.5 current legal minimum salaries that will be deposited in his/her savings account. This benefit is granted only once and the disbursed resource must be used for this sole purpose. The misuse of this economic support may constitute a serious misconduct.