Marialex Mora, winner in the category of unpublished song, 9th to 11th grade, in the 'VIII Arts Contest: Reconciliation and Peace'. Photo: ARN Colombia.​



​Within the framework of the 3-year implementation of the Peace with Legality policy, the graduation ceremony of the Motorcycle Mechanics training program was held today. Photo ARN Communications.



With the implementation of the dual-purpose livestock production project, members of the Flor de Sabana Association consolidate their economic stability in the Arauca region.



The Director General of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), Andrés Stapper, in Ghana, Africa, with representatives of international organizations that comprise the IDDRTG. Photo: ARN Colombia.



The productive initiatives will be located at Av. Cra 19 No. 37-16 Teusaquillo. Photo: ARN Communications.



2020 Preliminary Results Report.



​The award was conferred to 10 women leaders from Colombia, Ecuador, India, Honduras, Kenya, Nepal, and Mozambique. Photo: ARN Communications.



At the stand of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), seven productive projects of people who are in the process of reincorporation in different departments of Colombia will be displayed. Photo: ARN.



​Representative of the Vice-Ministry of Tourism, the UN Verification Mission, leaders of the 'Marquetalia Route' project and the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) team. Photo: ARN Communications. 



​The activity focused on promoting reconciliation and reincorporation initiatives through the display of products of cooperatives led by reincorporated individuals. Photo: ARN Communications .



Café Galilea, Café Cortés, Café Esperanza y Paz, and Café Tercer Acuerdo, are the four brands led by people undergoing reincorporation, participating in the 'Ibagué Café Festival' (Ibagué Coffee Festival). Photo: ARN Communications.



Presidential Advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila, and the Director of the ARN, Andrés Stapper.​​


In the first year, the collective production project is expected to produce 96,000 liters of milk and market 27 live animals. Photo: ARN Communications.



​The Government's housing offer advances in the consolidation of access to land and construction of housing projects in the former ETCRs; it also offers guarantees of access to new housing to those living in urban and rural municipalities. Photo: ARN.



​Out of 27 targeted territories, 14 are PDET municipalities. Photo: ARN Communications.



​To date, 13 workshops have been held virtually and in a face-to-face manner in the educational institutions of the district of Barranquilla. Photo: City Council of Barranquilla.



Several ventures have been showcased in commercial spaces that bring together businessmen and representatives of national agencies, including the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Rodolfo Zea Navarro. Photo: ARN Communications.​



​Ex-combatants from Caquetá and Putumayo shared knowledge on associativity to strengthen their cooperatives in cooperation with the institutional framework. Photo: ARN Communications.



​To date, 13 workshops have been held virtually and in a face-to-face manner in the educational institutions of the district of Barranquilla. Photo: City Council of Barranquilla.



​Launching of the National Coffee Board with the participation of 28 cooperatives led by people undergoing reincorporation. Photo: ARN Colombia.



​Comuccom collective project for the sale of Red Tilapia fish in the municipality of Puerto Guzman, Putumayo. Photo: ARN Communications.



​Creating adequate environments for the healthy development of children is the purpose for which ex-combatants and the community in Cesar are fighting for. Photo: ARN Communications.



Knapsacks, wallets, clothing, home accessories and technology are some of the handmade products that are a source of income for Diana, a FARC-EP ex-combatant.  Picture: ARN Communications.   



55 Productive Environments have been implemented for people seeking to reincorporate into society, which have benefited 1,882 people since 2014.



​The opening ceremony was attended by the Director General of the ARN, Andrés Stapper Segrera; the mayor of Tierralta, Daniel Montero Montes, and guests of the reincorporation process. Photo: ARN Communications.



A group of graduates and participants in the reintegration and reincorporation processes recover used plastics and transform them into raw material to create new plastic products.



The reincorporation process uses franchising mechanisms thanks to government support. $65,512 million have been disbursed for productive projects such as these since the beginning of the program. Photo: ARN Communications



​Photo caption: 'Coffee roasting and cupping' is one of the five Productive Environments that will benefit reincorporated individuals in the departments of Cauca, Valle del Cauca, and Antioquia. Photo ARN Communications.



Photo caption: José de Jesús Moreno, a person in the process of reintegration, strengthens his roots to legality and receives permanent support from the ARN. Photo: ARN Communications.​



​The cultivation of red tilapia is part of the result of the productive initiatives with which the people in the process of reincorporation of the Oscar Mondragón town center, former ETCR Miravalle, remain committed to Peace with Legality

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