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Social and Economic Reincorporation Route

The Social and Economic Reincorporation Route is the comprehensive, sustainable and transitory capacity-building process, implemented through access to rights for former members of Farc-Ep and their families. It seeks to help individuals and the process of reincorporation to successfully achieve their process socially and economically within the framework of legality.

The Route is made up of two stages: early reincorporation and long-term reincorporation, and seven components: Community, Educational, Economic Sustainability, Family, Habitability and Housing, Integral Psychosocial Well-being and Health.


The Social and Economic Reincorporation Handbook

This publication contains the components, stages and criteria appertaining to the Reincorporation Route. The Handbook also features detailed information in regards to access to economic and social benefits for individuals in the process of reincorporation, in accordance with regulations currently in force.