Over 20 international experts praise the progess of Reincoporation at Icononzo (Tolima)


​The Former Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) La Fila - Icononzo - Tolima, receives over 50 national and international guests during the VII South-South Cooperation Tour. 

Icononzo, 09/19/2019

Guests from countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa exchanged their experiences in Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration, community projects and differential approach met productive initiatives implemented by ex-combatants and advances in reincorporation from the territory.

Thanks to the coordination between the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, APC - Colombia and the Ministry of Stabilization, over 20 international experts witnessed firsthand the following productive initiatives: 'La Roja' beer,  Tejiendo Paz - Weaving Peace – fashion and the community project called  Montaña Mágica – Magic Mountain – and Manos por la Reconciliación 'Hands for Reconciliation', belonging to the former Territorial Space for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) La Fila in Icononzo - Tolima. This visit was held within the framework of the VII South-South Technical Cooperation Tour – an opportunity to exchange experiences and good practices in peace processes that have taken place in different parts of the world, in addition to sharing facts around reconciliation scenarios after years of armed conflict.

"Over 67 countries had a chance to become knowledgeable of our experience, and see Colombia as a benchmark in reintegration and reincorporation processes worldwide. The exchange of learning from the Seventh edition of the South-South Tour helps us continue strengthening the transit to civilian life on the part of ex - combatants and the ties of reconciliation throughout the national territory" – stated Andres Stapper Segrera, National Director of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN).

During the visit at ETCR La Fila, the delegations witnessed the 208 people in reincorporation process that inhabit this territorial space and the 22 hectares that comprise it. During different moments they learned about their peace experiences, and took back to their home countries an encouraging panorama of the reincorporation process that is taking place in Colombia.

"Colombia has a long experience, which began with the objective of achieving peace and making all possible efforts to make peace come true," said Fernando Medina, representative of the International Organization for Migration - Switzerland.

Since its inception in 2017, the Reincorporation process at ETCR La Fila has disbursed COP $487,740,529 for the dual-purpose livestock project that benefits 17 people in reincorporation process and their families. Similarly, the following productive projects have been formulated before the National Reincorporation Council (CNR); production and marketing of red tilapia, coffee crops, sacha inchi, fashion design and manufacture, tourism and pig farming, which benefit 133 people in the process of reincorporation and their families. This territorial space also has productive initiatives such as the production of 'La Roja' craft beer and transformation of aloe, which benefit 37 ex-combatants and their families.

Data of interest   

  • 204 people in the process of reincorporation at ETCR La Fila are affiliated with the healthcare system, of which 184 are under the subsidized regime and 20 in the contribution-based regime.
  • 200 people in the process of reincorporation at ETCR La Fila receive economic benefits.
  • 208 people in the process of reincorCR La Fila are affiliated with – and accredited before – pension funds
  • 80 minors currently live at ETCR La Fila 
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