Three more productive projects were approved at the CNR


The reincorporation process uses franchising mechanisms thanks to government support. $65,512 million have been disbursed for productive projects such as these since the beginning of the program. Photo: ARN Communications

​Mutatá, 03/09/2021

  • The three productive projects will benefit 32 people undergoing reincorporation and their families in Bogotá and Huila. 
  • La Roja handcrafted beer is among the business ideas that will receive resources to strengthen the sustainability of their undertakings.
  • 3,204 projects have already been approved and are underway for $71,407 million Colombia Pesos, benefiting 7,281 entrepreneurial ex-combatants.

Three collective productive projects were approved at the Consejo Nacional de Reincorporación (CNR, National Reincorporation Council, from its name in Spanish), for 32 people in the reincorporation process for $438 million. These business proposals are related to beekeeping, the marketing of handcrafted beer and a hardware store. 

The President's advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation and government representative in the CNR, Emilio Archila, highlighted the commitment of President Iván Duque's government to the reincorporation process.  

La Roja Beer, an emblematic product of reincorporation, was franchised. This is an example of the sophistication of the technical support for the formulation of the enterprises. 7,281 ex-combatants and their families now have a business with the projects approved today, an undertaking that ensures their economic sustainability", said Advisor Archila. 

One of the projects approved was the strengthening of Cerveza Artesanal La Roja (La Roja Handcrafted Beer), promoted by 18 ex-combatants (10 men and 8 women) who are in the process of reincorporation in Bogotá. This productive project, which sells beer made from panela and hops, seeks to open a commercial and cultural facility in the capital of the Republic. 

The second approved project was formulated by ex-combatants residing in a rural area of the city of Neiva (Huila), and its productive proposal is the sustainable management of the Apis mellifera species (bees) and marketing of by-products; it will benefit 8 people in reincorporation linked to the Asociación Ambiental Defensores de la Reserva (Environmental Association of Reservation Advocates). 

The third project is also developed in the city of Neiva; it is the hardware store Construyendo Sueños de Paz (Building Dreams of Peace), a wholesale and retail marketing company of construction materials, hardware, locksmithing, glass products and paints, which employs 6 ex-combatants. 

The director of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), Andrés Stapper Segrera, emphasized that "thanks to the technical assistance provided by INNpulsa Colombia and the institutional coordination, great results have been achieved which have allowed the dynamic generation of sustainable income for the population in the process of reincorporation in the agricultural, clothing, livestock, tourism, service and consumer products sectors, among many others". 

He also clarified that the support provided by the international community is given in this context. It is not an absence of the government, but on the contrary the result of our management and coordination. 

The collective productive projects of ex-combatants are part of the implementation of the economic benefits framed in the Peace with Legality policy, a National Government guideline promoted by the President´s Advisory Office for Stabilization and Consolidation and the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN).

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