ICBF (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, from its name in Spanish) and ARN strengthen childcare for children of people in reincorporation in Cesar


​Creating adequate environments for the healthy development of children is the purpose for which ex-combatants and the community in Cesar are fighting for. Photo: ARN Communications.

​Valledupar, 22/09/2021


  • The former ETCR San José de Oriente (Cesar) enjoys the service and support of the Instituto Colombiano de Bienestar Familiar (Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, ICBF) for the operation of the kindergarten thanks to the efforts of people in reincorporation and the community, with the support of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN).

50 places for children from zero to four and a half years of age were allocated so that the children of ex-combatants and those living in the territorial space can receive comprehensive benefits in terms of food, care, prevention, and protection provided by the ICBF.

Progress was also made in the training of the women who lead this project, which is headed by two ex-combatants of the FARC-EP and two from the community. They have received training at the SENA (National Learning Service, from its name in Spanish) and professional counseling that allows them to exercise with knowledge and responsibility the care of the children who are dropped off at the kindergarten from 8 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

We have always been concerned with ensuring that children have adequate conditions of air, light, food, and logistics and generally to generate healthy environments and quality development ", expressed with enthusiasm Carolina Vargas, leader of this Territorial Space.

It is worth noting that since this initiative began three years ago, it has received the support of several agencies such as We Effect, which financed the refurbishment of the kindergarten facilities, the IOM and ARN, which have helped with the procurement of materials, toys, sanitary repairs, and training on care issues, inter alia. 

“We have made progress, but we still fall short, we are coordinating other assistance with the Japanese embassy to expand the space and meet some needs that have arisen, all to maintain in optimal conditions these children who are the future of Colombia and our future leaders", said Wilman Aldana, liaison leader of the former ETCR San José de Oriente. 

Both people in reincorporation as well as members of the community can carry out their work and home activities in peace, with the assurance not only that their children are in the care of women who meet the required standards, but also that they receive the basic academic, recreational and assistance learning for their comprehensive education. 

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