Collective livestock project of ex-combatants undergoing reincorporation was approved


In the first year, the collective production project is expected to produce 96,000 liters of milk and market 27 live animals. Photo: ARN Communications.

​Bogotá, 11/10/2021 

  • In keeping with President Iván Duque's commitment to the reincorporation process, the implementation of a sustainable cattle raising system was approved, a collective production project that aims to supply the amount of milk and meat needed to supply the market under agreements with commercial partners in Yondó (Antioquia).
  • The reincorporation process has more than 50% of its ex-combatants engaged in one of the 3,290 individual productive projects.

At the 127th session of the Consejo Nacional de Reincorporación (National Council for Reincorporation NCR, CNR from its name in Spanish), the representatives of the National Government and the ex-combatants gave the go-ahead to the implementation of a sustainable dual-purpose livestock farming system in Yondó, Antioquia, which involves 63 people undergoing reincorporation and is valued at more than $755 million Colombian pesos, of which $504 million Colombian pesos are resources of the National Government.

In this regard, the Presidential Advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila, highlighted the commitment of the Government of President Iván Duque to keep his word to those who remain legal and pointed out that reaching the 9 approved collective projects reflects that 'Peace comes with Facts'. According to Archila, more than 7,000 out of the 13,000 ex-combatants who took the step towards legality have a productive project or an enterprise that guarantees economic stability for them and their families', which allows us to draw attention to the importance of building on what has been built. 

This project involves the implementation of a tropical dairy system, based on grazing and supplementation with fodder produced on the farm, seeking efficient use. This will guarantee the best use of the genetic potential of the Gyr - Holstein crossbreed, which has the best conditions to produce milk with an ideal compositional quality for the market, and commercial calves for rearing and fattening, for later sale alive.

The Director General of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), Andrés Stapper, indicated that in less than 3 years of implementation of the Agreements under the Peace with Legality policy, technical assistance and institutional coordination have allowed ex-combatants to create sustainable income in the agricultural, clothing, livestock, tourism, service and consumer products sectors. 

The reincorporation process has approved more than 3,290 productive projects today (both collective and individual), which involve 7,327 people with an investment by the national Government of close to $60,000 million Colombian pesos", highlighted Stapper 

The collective productive projects of ex-combatants are part of the implementation of the economic benefits framed in the Peace with Legality policy, a National Government guideline promoted by the Presidential Advisory Office for Stabilization and Consolidation and the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN). 

The NCR virtual meeting was attended by Counselor Emilio Archila, ARN Director General Andrés Stapper, and representatives of the ex-combatants, Pastor Alape and Luis René Medina. 

Interesting facts:

  • There are 12,910 ex-combatants in the reincorporation process.
  • 3,541 people in the process of reincorporation are engaged in a collective productive project.
  • $28,328 million Colombian pesos invested in 100 collective projects and $30,778 million Colombian pesos in 3,190 individual projects.
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