Coffee projects of people undergoing reincorporation participate in 'Ibagué Café Festival' (Ibagué Coffee Festival)


Café Galilea, Café Cortés, Café Esperanza y Paz, and Café Tercer Acuerdo, are the four brands led by people undergoing reincorporation, participating in the 'Ibagué Café Festival' (Ibagué Coffee Festival). Photo: ARN Communications.

Ibagué, 15/10/2021

  • Four coffee brands of people in the process of reincorporation participate in the Ibagué Café Festival (Ibagué Coffee Festival).
  • On the occasion of the celebration of the 471st birthday of the musical city of Colombia, Ibagué dresses up in party and coffee. This time, more than 200 coffee growers participate in 'Ibagué Café Festival' (Ibagué Coffee Festival), an event that was held for the first time in 2019 and that this October 14th and 15th will be the stage for its second version. 

  • Within the framework of this festival, the 'Ibagué origin of specialty coffees' contest will be held, which rewards the quality of the best beans harvested in the third largest coffee producing municipality of Tolima. In total there are 23 lots of coffee that will compete. 

  • In the facilities of the Governor's Office, visitors will be able to see more than 30 stands of coffees of all variations displayed by associations, stores, and companies, among them 3 associations formed by ex-combatants of the FARC-EP and one individual project.   

The articulation between the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), in alliance with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Secretariat of Ag​riculture and Rural Development, allowed the participation in the 'Ibagué Coffee Festival' of the four coffee brands led by people in the process of reincorporation and a total of 94 ex-combatants of the FARC-EP who are part of these projects.

Café Galilea (Galilea Coffee), sabor de paz y vida: an association of 34 ex-combatant coffee growers that cultivate Castilla coffee in the municipality of Dolores, Tolima. This coffee represents the peace process and the Galilea forest recently designated as a protected area in the department.

- Café Cortés: led by Orlando Cortés, producer of castilla coffee in the municipality of Icononzo, Piedecuesta; recent beneficiary of Fondo Emprender (Emprender Fund) with $80 million Colombian pesos to strengthen his enterprise.

- Café Esperanza y Paz: associative project in the municipality of Icononzo, Balconcitos in Tolima, which links 19 people undergoing reincorporation and 26 families of the community that have joined together to produce castilla coffee, a symbol of peace and reconciliation in the territory.

Café Tercer Acuerdo: led by 58 ex-combatants who are part of the Planadas Coffee Technical Committee, and who have joined with coffee grower leaders and the Nasa Wex's community to produce and commercialize specialty coffees of different varieties, in the township of Gaitania, Planadas.

Their participation in the 'Ibagué Café Festival' (Ibagué Coffee Festival) is a sample of the commitment and dedication of these coffee producers to produce cups of excellent quality and flavors that represent their territories. Peace with Legality has a taste of coffee in Tolima.

Interesting facts:

  • 728 people are part of the reincorporation process in Tolima as of September. 
  • 9 collective productive projects have been disbursed, benefiting 218 people in the reincorporation process, and 162 individual productive projects involving 189 people to date.
  • 407 people in the department of Tolima have received disbursements for productive projects in total. Out of which 2 have tourism as a central axis, one in Icononzo and the other in Planadas.  ​
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