People undergoing reincorporation in Huila open commercial showcase in Bogota


The productive initiatives will be located at Av. Cra 19 No. 37-16 Teusaquillo. Photo: ARN Communications.

​Neiva, 08/11/2021

  • Productive projects of people undergoing reincorporation in Huila are showcased in the city of Bogota, to make their work in agricultural production visible, strengthen commercial relations and advance in economic reincorporation. 
  •  There are a total of 10 enterprises led by Cooagropaz, the organization that brings together several associations in the department of Huila and southern Tolima, which open the doors to marketing and productive sustainability.

More than 900 people, including ex-combatants, victims of the conflict, farmers, and the community, are part of the associative unit Cooagropaz (Cooperativa Multiactiva Agropecuaria por la Paz, or Multiactive Agricultural Cooperative for Peace) which, after three years of inception in Huila, has managed to become a benchmark for second chances and entrepreneurship.

An example of this is the opening of the 'Vitrina comercial Cooagropaz (Cooagropaz commercial showcase)' installed in the capital city as a boost to the several productive initiatives led by the cooperative, which will showcase the products of people undergoing reincorporation and the community of the department of Huila. 

Coffee, cocoa and dairy by-products, craft beer and wine, achira biscuits and a variety of agricultural products are some of the projects that will be on display at the commercial showcase as part of the associative work. 

“The implementation of this commercial showcase represents a further achievement in terms of economic sustainability and progress of productive projects led by the men and women who are undergoing their transition to legality in Huila", said Andrés Felipe Stapper, Director General of the Agencia para la Reincorporación y la Normalización (Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization, ARN).

This initiative has been supported by the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), and the Asociación de Cooperativas y Empresas Solidarias del Huila (Association of Cooperatives and Solidarity Enterprises of Huila, Asocooph), within the framework of an inter-institutional partnership. 

“We want to show what we have worked with our hands and bring them to large supermarkets, seeking the welfare of the reincorporated people and their families", said Victor Hugo Silva, Cooagropaz's legal representative, who offered his invitation to the capital city's community to visit the commercial spot located at Cra. 19 No. 37-16, Teusaquillo neighborhood, and purchase a variety of products.

Interesting facts:

  • The ARN assists 533 people in the process of reincorporation who are making the transition to legality in 31 municipalities in Huila. 
  • 375 people in the process of reincorporation benefit from productive projects developed by ARN Huila. 
  • In the department of Huila there are 4 collective productive projects and 253 individual projects approved, financed and in the process of implementation.
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