Livestock and farming project promotes the development of people undergoing reincorporation, in Arauca.


With the implementation of the dual-purpose livestock production project, members of the Flor de Sabana Association consolidate their economic stability in the Arauca region.

​Arauca, 29/10/2021

  • Members of the Asociación Flor de Sabana (Flor de Sabana Association) see themselves as a reference in the territory, because not only are their ideas for livestock entrepreneurship prospering, but also, in line with this, they are charting a new path for the welfare of their families. 

One of the main productive projects is progressing in the savannas of the department of Arauca, thanks to which people in the reincorporation process are consolidating their economic stability. This includes 33 members of the Flor de Sabana Association and involves income generation through dual-purpose livestock and farming.   

The Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) disbursed $264 million Colombian pesos through the economic benefit of seed capital, which consists of $8 million Colombian pesos granted to each person undergoing reincorporation for the implementation of this project which amounts to more than $300 million Colombian pesos. The project has also received support from other agencies operating in the territory.

Thus, in 12 paddocks there are more than 40 cattle that ultimately represent the dreams of those who said yes to a legal life. The members of the group feel they are a reference in the plains region, emphasizing that in their livestock activities they do not neglect the environment, implementing, among other things, a silvopastoral system and reserve practices with silage. 

"We have very important facilities for the implementation of the project, which makes us different from others", emphasized Over, legal representative of the association and added that "this is the future of our children, the hopes of the 33 reincorporated people with their families, that this project will ultimately generate income to support their education, so it is very important to us, and we have worked collectively, trying to make things come to a successful conclusion", he added.

In this regard, the milk marketing is one of the factors that most highlights this enterprise, with a production that exceeds 90 liters per day and that is made available to the farmers of the territory. Likewise, the associates argue that they have animals with good genetics for subsequent business in the market.    

The Director General of the ARN, Andrés Stapper Segrera, emphasized the efforts of those who are committed to this project, stating that "it is included in one of the most important economic sectors in Arauca. But the most important thing is that economic stability is being achieved for the people in reincorporation, while building bonds of trust with the other inhabitants of the territory, something essential in President Iván Duque's policy of Peace with Legality", he said.


Interesting facts

  • 223 productive projects (218 individual and 5 collective) have been approved In Arauca, benefiting 376 people undergoing reincorporation with an investment of $3,417 million, of which $3,007 million are from the National Government. (As of October 21st, 2021)
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