Government guaranteed transportation, food and security for their transfer from Ituango to Mutatá


In addition, the ARN deployed a biosafety  protocol for the safe transfer of ex-combatants and their families. ARN Communications Photo.

Bogotá, 07/13/2020

• The National Government signed a 1-year lease contract for the 2 (5 and 132 hectare) properties where the ex-combatants and their families will live. The Government also filed with the request to purchase these lands before the National Land Agency (ANT).

• The transfer process arranged with the Farc collective underwent a preparation process that lasted well over six months. At the request of ex-combatants, eight people in the process of reincorporation in Ituango will remain in charge of two productive projects developed in this area. 

The agreed move to the Mutatá rural area in Antioquia starts this Wednesday, July 15. 93 people between ex-combatants and members of the community that inhabit the Old Territorial Space for Reincorporation and Training (AETCR) Santa Lucía in the municipality of Ituango will make this move.

The travel is 352 kilometers and approximately 12 hours long. The National Government's Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) prepared 3 buses leaving from the AETCR, 4 buses from the municipal capital of Ituango and one bus from Medellín, food and biosecurity elements for the transfer to the new home of the ex-combatants, in accordance with the commitments made through the National Reincorporation Council (CNR).

Regarding security, the Ministry of Defense launched a plan to provide protection guarantees to the population in the process of reincorporation during the journey and installation.

The Presidential Advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila explained thus: "the process of this transfer arranged with the Farc collective began to be designed in the first half of 2020, and although the former ETCR was not a permanent solution as agreed in In the Peace Accords, the government of President Iván Duque promised to strengthen the dynamics of living and access to housing for those making their transition to legality. This is an example of that commitment" – he underscored.

According to the ARN, during the week of July 6-10 the technical commissions in Ituango and Mutatá , completed logistical details and carried out the recognition of the new properties: "we have the presence of delegates from the UN Verification Mission, the Government of Antioquia, the municipalities of Ituango and Mutatá, the department Diocese, members of the public force, the Ombudsman and facilitators of ARN, for the fulfillment of all the actions and guarantees that an operation of this magnitude requires".

Similarly, last Wednesday (July 8) the National Government's ARN signed a 1-year lease contract for El Porvenir and Becuarandó properties – 5 and 132 hectares respectively. In addition, a purchase request was filed with the National Land Agency (ANT). The resources for the acquisition of these lands where the people in the reincorporation process will live are guaranteed and ready for disbursement in the Colombia en Paz Colombia in Peace Fund.

Likewise, the ARN deployed a biosafety protocol for the safe transfer of ex-combatants and their families, by carrying out health brigades and random Covid-19 testing. Prevention kits with elements such as sanitizing gel, soap and disinfection products to be used during the journey, and a vaccination day for the animals that will accompany the ex-combatants to Mutatá. 

At the request of the Farc collective , eight ex-combatants and their families will remain in Santa Lucía to follow up on two of the productive projects that are carried out in the municipality of Ituango outside the AETCR, such as the planting of Café Paramillo coffee and optical fiber internet for homes. The livestock project that operates in Santa Lucía will be reformulated.

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