12.5 million euros from the European Union for peace and reincorporation in Colombia


An agreement begins between the European Union (EU) and the national government. Patricia Llombart , Ambassador of the EU, the Presidential Advisor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila, and the Director of the ARN, Andrés Stapper.

Bogotá, 07/03/2020

Resources will go mainly to housing, basic sanitation and early childhood care

The European Union and the Colombian Government launched an agreement this Friday for 12.5 million Euros (COP $ 52.5 billion ca.) to support the care of ex- FARC combatants linked to the reincorporation process, over the next three years.

The agreement was signed by Patricia Llombart , ambassador of the European Union for Colombia, the Presidential Counselor for Stabilization and Consolidation, Emilio Archila, and the Director of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization - ARN, Andrés Stapper.

The signing occurs within the framework of the projects promoted by the European Fund for Peace in Colombia, which has allocated a total of 125 million euros (over COP $ 500 billion). Today's agreement will focus mainly on supporting the economic reincorporation of the former members of Farc through productive projects, promoting the leadership of women. Also in early childhood care, health and rehabilitation services for people with disabilities and who are part of the reincorporation process, as well as training for work with certifications in job skills and the active promotion of women.

"As Colombian partners, we join the country in the implementation of the commitments derived from the final Agreement and the progress made by the Government through the European Fund for Peace. We are aware that implementation is always a great challenge and does not take place overnight, so we signed this new support program that will work through disbursements for compliance with public policy indicators", said the Ambassador of the European Union in Colombia, Patricia Llombart.

Councilor Archila thanked the permanent support of the international community for the Peace with Legality policy, focused on stabilizing the territories which have been most heavily affected by violence and poverty. "The government of President Iván Duque guarantees comprehensive reincorporation of ex-combatants. It is our steadfast commitment with results", Archila said.

Councilor Archila further stated what the Ambassador of the European Union defined this aid as "a toke of trust in the work of implementing Peace with Legality", understanding that the process is irreversible.

Lina Arbeláez – Director of the Colombian Family Welfare Institute – said that "having the support of international cooperators to strengthen the development of programs for the benefit of early childhood care, particularly for the children of individuals in the process of reincorporation, it is essential to bridge the equality gaps and in the search for Peace with Legality".

"Access to decent housing and quality public services is essential in building a new future for this population. The Ministry of Housing, City and Territory welcomes this economic support from the European Union with great satisfaction, as it will allow us to develop more projects to benefit ex-combatants. Housing and potable water works make equality tangible – this is equality for peace" – said Minister Jonathan Malagón.

ARN Director Andrés Stapper further stated thus: "the support of the international community in the process of reincorporation of approximately 13,000 Farc ex-combatants has been fundamental to guarantee its success and sustainability. This is our commitment from the National Government for Peace with Legality to strengthen the territories".

The EU-Colombian Government agreement will also support the consolidation of the Former Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR), to facilitate access to land and housing with sustainable basic services for former FARC members who live in these spaces. In addition, this agreement will promote community and territorial reconciliation, supporting community processes with the neighboring and reincorporated population, to improve coexistence and counter stigmatization.

Finally, other areas of work that will have EU budget support include the care of children aged 0-5, an action focused on helping the economic empowerment of women in the process of reincorporation who have the responsibility of caring for their children. It is also sought to strengthen institutions and inter-institutional and territorial coordination in order to promote a gender equality and rights-based approach, amongst other aspects.

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