CNR approves healthcare program for Mutatá and productive projects for ex-combatants in Caldas and Cundinamarca


​The projects feature fish farming and beekeeping, and are being implemented in the departments of Caldas and Cundinamarca . Photo: ARN Communications.

Bogota, 09/24/2020

  • The Ministry of Health and Social Protectionin coordination with the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) and the State's Social Enterprises ESE (Empresas Sociales de Estado) will carry out health care and accompaniment sessions with 93 people including former  Farc-Ep members and their families transferred from Ituango to the municipality of Mutatá, Antioquia.

These transferred ex-combatants will have the availability of an on-call ambulance, supplementary healthcare sessions and a healthcare program plan that includes a nursing assistant – a Farc-Ep ex-combatant.

In its 113th session the National Reincorporation Council (CNR) approved the proposal for an additional healthcare program for the 93 former members of the Farc-Ep and their families transferred from Ituango to the municipality of Mutatá (Antioquia). This project was presented by the Ministry of Health, and will be implemented with the support of ARN and ESE.

Counselor Emilio Archila explained that "the proposal – which will be implemented during the last three months of the year – includes the availability of an on-call ambulance, oral, visual, sexual and reproductive health sessions, and other care according to the needs identified by the population and recommendations submitted by the ESE".

The Presidential Advisor for Stabilization stated further that the Government shall maintain its commitment acquired in the plan for transformation and consolidation of the territories under the reincorporation process, and in promoting the spaces and projects that guarantee the provision of health services.

389 services delivered to people in the process of reincorporation, family members and the surrounding community before the transfer from Ituango to Mutatá (from January to July). Awareness campaigns were also deployed in regards to cleaning, self-care and preventative measures during the health emergency caused by Covid-19 ", added Andrés Stapper, ARN Director General.

Other actions have been implemented at the new transfer site, such as the donation of personal protection items and sexual and reproductive health supplies for the Mutatá Hospital, health, prevention and promotion sessions, and procedures for the assignment of primary HMOs and other procedures for affiliation with the General Social Security System.

 New collective productive projects

The 113th session of the CNR also approved two collective productive projects in the amount of COP $326 million that will benefit 28 ex-combatants of the FARC from the departments of Caldas and Cundinamarca.

The collective projects approved will be developed in the sector of fish farming (Caldas) and beekeeping (Cundinamarca), and are part of the commitment and support of the National Government to those who remain legally.

The fish business idea will be implemented by Cooperativa Multiactiva Indígena para la Paz - Coomipaz co-op, which links the victim and ex-combatant population of the Farc located in Cañamomo and Lomaprieta colonial-origin reservation. This population intends to strengthen the fish production system by turning La Pangola farm (in the municipality of Riosucio, Caldas), into a Peace Laboratory.

Concomitantly, a beekeeping production system will be implemented in the municipality of Pandi (Cundinamarca) in order to benefit the members of Asociación Campesina Agroambiental Construyendo Paz para el Buen Vivir (Acapvi) and their families.

During the reincorporation process, COP $ 47,679 million has been approved for 1,595 collective and individual productive projects, thereby engaging 4,728 Farc-Ep ex-combatants (3,489 men and 1,239 women).

 Data of interest:

  • The Ministry of Health successfully completed procedures with the Antioquia Sectional Secretariat of Health and the HMO to change the place for the provision of health services for the 93 ex-combatants and their families transferred from Ituango to Mutatá.

  • As of August 31, 2020, there are 13,125 former FARC-Ep combatants accredited in the reincorporation process.

  • As of August 2020, 1,636 individuals in the process of reincorporation were affiliated with the contributory regime with an employment relationship.

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