In three municipalities of Caquetá, ex - combatants work hand in hand with communities to improve coexistence


​Since September 2019, these initiatives have been implemented in the Caquetá region to contribute to stabilization and reconciliation in the territories. During the health emergency, they will continue with alternative mechanisms to face – to - face encounters. Photo: Comunicaciones ARN.

Florencia, 09/01/2020


  • With biosecurity measures and in compliance with the indications provided by local authorities, the implementation of the Community Strengthening Model (Modelo de Fortalecimiento Comunitario - in Spanish) of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN – Agencia para la Reincorporación y la Normalización - for its acronym in Spanish) continues, which aims to generate confidence and reconciliation bonds between those who were part of an armed group outside the Law and inhabitants of the communities.


In sectors such as Campo Hermoso de San Vicente del Caguán and in municipalities such as Cartagena del Chairá and La Montañita, the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) promotes spaces for meeting and dialogue to contribute community reincorporation; as well as  training processes on issues of coexistence, reconciliation, citizen culture, conflict resolution, participatory democracy, child protection and entrepreneurship.

Likewise, it accompanies the ex - combatants and their neighbors in the strengthening of local community initiatives, of an associative, formative, productive, cultural, artistic, sporting or public deliberation nature for the collective interest.

In the municipality of La Montañita, the project has been called "Circuit for Life Peace and Reconciliation" ("Círculo por la vida, la paz y la reconciliación" – in Spanish) which consists of leaving 15 bio – healthy machines installed and in operation, of which, five will be located in the El Triunfo Inspection, five more in the municipal head of La Montañita and the other five in the old Training and Reincorporation Territorial Spaces (ETCR) of Agua Bonita, where with these gymnastics elements ex - combatants and neighbors will perform sports practices.

Similarly, progress is made in the first phase of what will be the "Cohabitation Center for Sports and Culture" ("Centro de Convivencia para el Deporte y la Cultura" - in Spanish) at the Campo Hermoso Inspection of San. Vincente del Caguán. While Cartagena del Chairá seeks to generate community meeting spaces with the provision of cultural, musical and sporting elements for the inhabitants of the Ciudadela Chairence neighborhood and the recovery of the Bellavista sports venue.

During the health emergency, the ARN carried out a diagnostic exercise of the public health and connectivity conditions of the three target municipalities to reactivate the Community Strengthening Model (MFC – Modelo de Fortalecimiento Comunitario – for its acronym in Spanish) and carry out the citizen training through alternative mechanisms to community face – to - face meetings.

To this end, participants were given a toolbox for training on issues of coexistence, reconciliation, participation and conflict resolution; in addition to printed pedagogical material and the sound special "We knit confidence" ("Tejemos confianza" - in Spanish). they are the main character.

"Nearly 120 people among ex - combatants and inhabitants of 12 communities are linked to local community processes driven by the ARN to build confidence and reconciliation bonds in sectors such as Campo Hermoso de San Vicente del Caguán, the municipality of La Montañita and Cartagena del Chairá", Hugo Alejandro Rincón Uribe, ARN territorial coordinator in Caquetá, said.

Community Strengthening Models are spaces for meeting and healthy coexistence, which will continue to be implemented with biosecurity measures.


Interesting Data:

  • In Caquetá, five Community Strengthening Models have been implemented where more than 400 people have participated and, together with communities, public and private sector, and international cooperation entities, among other actors, have been contributed to the strengthening of empowered communities and to the reconciliation throughout the national territory.
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