82% of ex-combatants reincorporating in Sucre already have productive projects


ARN Director General Andrés Stapper Segrera visited three collective production projects led by people in the process of reincorporation, located in rural areas of the municipalities of Ovejas and Los Palmitos. Photos: ARN Communications

​Sincelejo, 03/01/2021 

  •  58 productive projects are moving forward in the department of Sucre, benefiting 193 ex-combatants in reincorporation (159 men and 34 women), with an investment of COP 2,151 million, of which COP 1,544 million corresponds to contributions from the national government.

 During his visit to the municipalities of Ovejas and Los Palmitos, the Director General of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) highlighted the commitment of former combatants and their progress in terms of economic sustainability.

The Director General of the Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization (ARN) Andrés Stapper Segrera and his work team conducted a 2-day visit to three collective productive projects located in rural areas of the municipalities of Ovejas and Los Palmitos (Sucre), where he verified the progress of the policy of Peace with Legality in this part of Montes de María. 

During his tour, ARN Director General had an opportunity to address the concerns of people in reincorporation in relation to components such as land, housing and other aspects. Afterwards, Stapper Segrera highlighted that of the 234 ex-combatants who are advancing their reincorporation process in Sucre, 82% are linked to seven collective projects and 51 individual ones, mainly in the economic sectors of agriculture, livestock, pig farming and commerce, among others. 

The ex-combatants have a collective or individual productive project in Sucre. This is a synergy of support between resources from the national government and international cooperation for the economic sustainability of ex-combatants" – said Stapper.  

Of the 193 former combatants benefited, a total of 110 people participate in seven collective projects approved by the National Reincorporation Council (CNR), while other 83 people do so in 51 individual productive projects. 

ARN Director General heard first-hand the voices of the ex-combatants who are carrying out two livestock projects and one in pig farming, and highlighted that the progress and commitment of each of the parties are significant. 

“We visited different points in the heart of the Montes de María. The most important thing here is to recognize the 100% commitment of these people who are betting on the construction of peace in the territories and with their communities. The National Government is also committed to continue leveraging these economic initiatives", concluded Stapper.  

In turn, one of the individuals in reincorporation belonging to the co-op Cooperativa Multiactiva Productores de Chalan Gestores de Paz Montes de Maria (Coopchagepamm) – which links 19 ex-combatants in a collective productive livestock project – reports how progress has been made after almost a year of its disbursement. 

“We currently have 40 animals (mainly for the production and sale of milk). We have come a long way, considering that we will complete our first year in this project come August. Also we are purchasing this farm where we develop our livestock today with resources from the Co-op; the property features 45 hectares of land. We are fully committed and we will continue working for reconciliation with our community", highlighted the representative of Coopchagepamm.


Data of interest 

  • ​Different productive projects advance in Sucre with the leadership of cooperatives created by individuals in reincorporation. This is the case of Coomaría, with 24 ex-combatants linked through the raising and sale of cattle; Coopchagepamm, with 19 people in reincorporation whose strength is the production and sale of milk; and Coomulpaz, a pig project that involves 12 ex-combatants.​

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