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Non-profit organization that works to strengthen the capacities of vulnerable populations through the generation of decent and sustainable income. CMMC (WORLD WOMEN'S CORPORATION COLOMBIA) has supported the implementation of reintegration and reincorporation processes through the technical and business strengthening of the agency's target population. 

Benefited territories​

Mapa de Colombia donde aparecen las 17 zonas donde WORLD WOMEN'S CORPORATION COLOMBIA tiene apoyo a proyectos​Project​s​

  • ​​Productivity for reconciliation
Flagship program that provides support in the design, creation and implementation of productive businesses for former combatants. More than 2,600 people have participated since 2016. 

  • Women and sustainable peace
Project developed in Bogota in partnership with UN Women, the District Secretariat for Women and the High Counselor's Office for Peace, Victims and Reconciliation, to foster socioeconomic reactivation in response to COVID-19 and the promotion of women's economic empowerment.
  • Supportive and sustainable territories 
With resources from the European Fund for Peace and counterpart funding from the CMMC, this project strengthened 12 solidarity economy organizations and assisted and advised 12 productive units made up of 471 former combatants and their families, located in three former Territorial Spaces for Training and Reincorporation (ETCR) and two NAR.

Weaving Reconciliation

Project developed in partnership with fashion designer María Luisa Ortiz and the brand 'Todos Ponen' (Everyone Contributes). In this project, former combatants developed circular economy practices to reuse uniforms from Colombia´s National Police.​

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