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Andrés Felipe StapperLuis Alberto Donoso Rincón​

Secretary General​

Graduated from Universidad Autonoma de Colombia, specialist in Social Security Legal Institutions from Universidad Nacional. He is also a specialist in Administrative Law from Universidad del Rosario and has studied medical law. Luis Alberto Donoso counts with more than 18 years of professional experience, among which he has held several management positions in entities of the District and nationwide. He held the position of Co-Chief Executive Officer at the Special Administrative Unit for the Comprehensive Attention and Reparation of Victims. Previously, he also held positions as Deputy Technical Director of the Social Integration District Secretariat, Administrative Director and Secretary General of the Bogota City Council, Legal Director of the Bogota Health Secretariat, Advisor and Deputy Director of Special Projects of the Finance District Secretariat, Legal Chief and Secretary General of the Unit for Victims. He is currently a candidate for a Master's Degree in Disciplinary Law.