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Oficina Asesora de PlaneaciónCelmira Frasser Acevedo

Head of the Planning Advisory Office

Economist. Contemporary Public Administration Specialist, Escuela Superior de Administración Pública. Specialist in Information System Project Management, graduated from Universidad del Rosario (2006), Quality System Management - Universidad Santo Tomas, under the 2008 Universidad Santo Tomas-ICONTEC Agreement.

Currently awaiting graduation as a University Professorship Specialist from Universidad Militar Nueva Granada. Technical competence and experience in leadership, team work, design, implementation, monitoring and control in strategic planning, management and control systems, information systems, knowledge and application of the PMI methodology, formulation of investment projects under the MGA methodology of the National Planning Department, Quality Auditor in ISO 9001 and NTCGP: 1000: 2009, preparation and administration of risk maps for public entities, participation, knowledge in Organizational Development policies, public employment, Internal Control and Procedures and Administrative career.

Work Experience: From 1983 to 1991 she worked in positions of HHRR, treasury and factory manager of FRANIG car filter factory, and was a Manager in Industrial Economic Counseling.

In the public sector, Frasser Acevedo worked in the Administrative Department of Public Function (DAFP) as Coordinator of the Administrative Career Registration Group, Head of the Systems Office, Coordinator of the Procedures Group, Director of Public Employment and Head of the Planning Advisory Office in the Administrative Department of Public Function.

International Lecturer with Participation in the Workshop Seminar "Challenges of the Civil Service", Dominican Republic. Lecture: Information Systems –The Colombian Experience.



Internal Control Card, Institutional Tool, 1998.

Guide for Procedure Rationalization and Simplification, 2006.

Article: Implementation of the Internal Communication Process at DAFP to contribute to the Achievement of Efficiency in the Quality Management System. 2008.

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