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Citizen Rights

​Letter of dignified treatment to citizens

Dear citizens:

derechos.jpgReceive a warm welcome. The Reincorporation and Normalization Agency (ARN) has is a competent team with human quality committed to providing guidance, support and advice for requests related to the entity's services and procedures.

We have different channels of attention and communication with the purpose of establishing a two-way dialogue with people undergoing a Reintegration Process, their families and all the citizens which will provide a dignified, respectful, timely, reserved, quality service without any distinction.

At the ARN, you have the right to:

• Be treated with respect, the proper consideration of your dignity as a person and to demand from ARN employees the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

• Present verbal requests, in writing or by any other suitable means, to know the status of your procedure or request, and to obtain a timely response, according to the request and within the established deadlines.

• Receive information and guidance in a respectful, simple and clear manner.

• Know, except express legal reservation, the status of any action or proceeding in ARN's records or archives.

• Receive special and preferential attention as people with disabilities, children, adolescents, pregnant women or older adults, and in general of people in a state of defenselessness or manifest weakness in accordance with Article 13 of the Political Constitution of Colombia.

• Submit arguments, provide documents and other evidence in administrative actions in which the status of the interested party is recognized and that they are valued and taken into account at the time of deciding. Likewise, you have the right to be informed about the result of your participation in the corresponding procedure.

• Any other right recognized by the Political Constitution and the laws.


Remember your duties:

• Abide by the laws and the Political Constitution of Colombia.

• Act in accordance with the principle of good faith.

• Refrain from using delaying maneuvers in the proceedings, and from making false   statements or contributing false documents.

• Exercise your rights responsibly and refrain from reiterating inappropriate requests to avoid repetitions that affect the time of the procedures and the agility of their response.

• Deliver the information in a timely manner to facilitate the completion of your procedure or request.

  • Treat the Reincorporation and the Normalization Agency officials and / or collaborators with respect.

Attention Channels.

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