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Income generation

According to the socio-economic census, the vast majority of former members of Farc-Ep were not bank accountholders, i.e. they had no connection with any financial institution whatsoever. The agreements stipulated that the return to civilian life requires temporary economic support for its sustainability; to deliver this benefit, a relationship with the financial system was quintessential.

Once the disarmament stage ended, people in the process of reincorporation started undergoing bancarization with the Agrarian Bank of Colombia (Banco Agrario de Colombia – BAC), which facilitated the fulfillment of the allocation of economic support, which has three axes: Unique Allocation for Normalization, Basic Income and Seed Capital for Productive Projects (individual or collective).

The Single Allocation for Normalization is an economic benefit in the amount of COP $ 2 million pesos that is granted only once to each person in the process of reincorporation for the satisfaction of basic needs such as clothes, equipment and / or toiletries, among others.

The second economic support is the Monthly Basic Income, which is equivalent to 90% of the current legal minimum monthly salary and that will be granted to each ex-combatant accredited by the Office of the High Commissioner for Peace for 24 months starting from the end of the Concentration Transitional Areas for Normalization, as long as it does not have a contractual, labor, legal and regulatory link, or a contract that generates income.

Once 24 months have elapsed, this benefit may be extended as long as the ex-combatant proves that he has participated and engaged in the Reincorporation Route.

The third economic support is for productive projects. This economic benefit for entrepreneurship or strengthening will be granted only once to each person in the process of reincorporation, in the amount of COP $8 million pesos, to leverage an individual business unit, develop an initiative linked to a formal associative organization or acquire, build or improve housing.

For the development of successful and sustainable productive projects, former members of the Farc-Ep must complete the stages of training and generation of skills and competencies to achieve sustainability of these projects.

These projects must meet minimum guidelines and requirements. They will be financed with the resources of the economic benefit and must be formulated and presented by the same former members of the Farc-Ep before the CNR (collective projects) and / or before ARN (individual projects).

The resources for development of the initiatives above will be focalized through international cooperation, the private sector, territorial agencies and the national order. Thus, supplementary economic support will be provided as agreed in the Final Peace Agreement, in order to achieve its financial closure, promote these productive projects and territorial development in the areas where they are implemented.



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