This dimension is based on the concept of integral habitat, understood as the confluence of factors and relationships that impact the residence in a settlement. Therefore, it includes housing as a physical fact and as a serviceable and symbolic asset, the relationships that occur within it, and the relationships with the environment recognizing the role played by these conditions in overcoming the situation of vulnerability and physical and psychological well-being of the PPR and their family groups. 

For this it is necessary to know the characteristics of a dignified and adequate housing, the existing mechanisms to meet the housing need, as well as the planning of family finances to reach the goals that are raised in the same direction. In addition, it is necessary to mitigate the risk in the dwelling which was developed through two points, food security and housing risk. Finally, in this dimension, the economic and / or productive uses that are given inside the house are contemplated in order to achieve a balance between economic and / or productive actions and the activity of residing.


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