From this dimension, the Colombian Agency for Reintegration (ACR) promotes the return of the demobilized and disengaged population, going through a Reintegration Process, to legality in a sustainable way, contributing to Peace, Security and Citizen Coexistence. 

Therefore, this dimension focuses mainly on the prevention of victimization and recidivism of demobilized persons through the promotion of protective factors, as well as from the promotion of awareness of relevant actions in cases where the security of PRPs is threatened. This dimension is strengthened by actions driven from other dimensions.



The security dimension seeks to strengthen the individual capacities of people undergoing a Reintegration Process for the recognition and management of the risk of victimization and recidivism. 

1. The PPR is able to act assertively in situations that promote victimization and recidivism. 

2. The PPR knows and implements strategies to face the risk of victimization and/or recidivism. 

3. The PPR resorts to the institutions and uses the existing mechanisms for handling cases of risk.


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