Productive Dimension

From the Productive Dimension, the proposal is the generation of skills that facilitate the economic insertion of the people undergoing a Reintegration Process - PRPs, so that he/she and his/her family group can enjoy their economic rights and therefore develop their productive life project according to their expectations and at the same time the environment in which they operate. 

Therefore, this dimension does not end with access to the benefits of economic insertion provided in the framework of the Reintegration Process, but implies knowledge and understanding of both the productive context and the skills, experience and needs surrounding the talent of each PRP, so that they can take advantage of their potential to opt for a sustainable productive alternative within the framework of legality. 

For the development of this Dimension, five achievements will be taken into account: Opportunities of the economic context, Talent Strengthening, Income Generation, Productive Options - Family and Financial Management through which the people going through a Reintegration Process can develop their assets and functions according to their life project.


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